Locate tensions

This activity will teach you how to perform a progressive relaxation. It is a simple series of intervals tensions and relaxations moving gradually from one muscle group to the next. Between each interval, there is a deep relaxation. This technique may be accomplished either in whole part or in part. You can perform this exercise in its complete form, as described below until you have covered the entire body in one session. You can also simply run more tensions / relaxations during some free time during the day.

10 minutes


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Self talk 1

Stress Management mixed with a personnal goal

You can do this exercise and your own, without the sound we provide here. But if you don’t have the text in mind, you can play it…

Begin by writing your suggestion or a goal: write what you want to achieve, in such a manner that it will be easy for you to visualize it.

Then play the sound


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Self talk 2

Write down a goal you have in mind. In order to achieve, make your goal :

  • Realistic (believable)
  • Concrete (measurable, tangible,…)
  • Positive
  • Gratifying (be clear on what you will really get by achieving this goal)

Play this audio in privacy and silence, keeping in mind the goal you have been writing.   Use your imagination, visualizing yourself accomplishing the task that is on the script.

19 minutes



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Stress diary

Download here your Word page in order to monitor your stress